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Bicycling Western Australia is a community based not-for-profit organisation promoting a healthy community through cycling.

We represent the interest of all bike riders and raise awareness of, and support for, riders’ rights and campaign for improved cycling facilities and infrastructure in Western Australia.
With more than 12,000 members and friends we are the largest cycling organisation in the State and the dominant and respected voice to governments, councils and various interest groups.
Our aim is to get more people cycling more often through participation in our cycling events, community initiatives, education programs and advocacy.


The revolution is here

More than 2,200 bike riders descended on the Perth Concert Hall Forecourt for the Woodside Ride2Work Day Breakfast to celebrate national Ride2Work Day on Wednesday, 15 October.

The Ride2Work Program continues to go from strength to strength with more than 7,000 people registering for Ride2Work across WA.

Check out the photos from the Woodside Ride2Work Day Breakfast HERE>>


Share Our Roads

The State Government has launched a new road safety initiaitive aimed at encouraging all road users to "Share Our Roads".  The first stage of the $300,000 campaign will include radio, outdoors ads on bus backs and shelters as well as online promotion.

Bicycling Western Australia has been campaigning for a road safety program since the release of the Western Australia Bicycle Network Plan in early 2012.  MORE>>


Fixed distance passing legislation - is it the way to go?

Bicycling Western Australia wants to see a dramatic improvement in road safety outcomes for all bike riders and other road users.

Is the introduction of manditory fixed distance passing legistration the best way to go?  There is no evidence to suggest that such laws make it safer for cyclists.  Read our rationale and what we think needs to happen HERE>>


Five priorities to get more people cycling

Our Mission is to get More People Cycling More Often and this can only be acheived through a targeted approach to making it safer and easier for people to take up riding a bike and improve the health of the community through cycling.

As part of our strategy to double the number of people cycling by the year 2020 we have identified five priorities that need to be addressed by State and local governments, employers and the entire cycling community. These five priorities will be the focus of our campaigning and advocacy work in 2014 and beyond. MORE>>


Membership really does have its benefits

Members of Bicycling Western Australia are covered by Australia's premium bike accident and third party damage insurance - every time they ride anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.  Check out all the great benefits HERE>>


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