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Got a great story to tell about riding to work? Maybe you had an embarrassing incident, helped someone out or made it to a meeting just on time!  Whatever the story, we want to hear from you!

Contact us with your story (and a nice picture)

When I first migrated to Australia, I joined the Ride2Work program and have participated for several years now.

The bicycle is my main way of transport; I cycle to work, the supermarket, to visit friends or to whatever event. I haven’t used the car for ages because on wet winter days I take the train or do a combination of train and bicycle which works perfectly.

Today was an especially pleasant morning to cycle and it was very obvious there were more ‘normal clad’ people on bicycles than any other morning. Could it be the effect of the Ride2Work challenge? I really hope so! For the first time here in Perth, I felt a normal commuter with so many others on their bikes! Being from Holland it’s pretty normal to have the majority of the roads filled with bicycles during peak hours but here it’s still a rare sight and car drivers are not used to it yet.

I was wondering why this is?

Is it that you have to wear a helmet here? Or that most cyclists are wearing Lycra in Perth? Or that there are some hills to concur? Or because there are not enough bicycle paths? Maybe the amount of drivers who are not used to bicycles?

Whatever reason, I know for a fact that we cyclists are increasing in number in Perth (I participate in the Super Tuesday bicycle count every year and the numbers speak for itself). And by showing that bicycling is a good and fun way of commuting which is far healthier, cheaper and better for the environment we can increase our numbers.

Wilma – regular Ride2Worker

I have been riding to work on my hybrid for a few years now and totally enjoy it.

At first my travel distance was 8km however, it is now approximately 11km as I have changed my route down by the train line from Bayswater to Bassendean.

Biking 3km more a day only takes a few extra minutes and the new section is super smooth (and I don’t have the wait at Tonkin Hwy traffic lights). I celebrate and thank you for the extra kilometres of bicycle path.

Jasia H – regular Ride2Worker

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