About this page

Bicycling Western Australia represents the interests of all Western Australian bike riders.  We work closely with State and local government departments and agencies and industry stakeholders to achieve better outcomes for bike riders.

This page provides links and a brief outline of some of the projects and campaigns we are currently working on.


2 October 2016 - Bicycling Western Australia is calling on all political parties to commit to #doublebikefunding at the State election in 2017.
Find out what the extra funding could acheive, which of the political parties are committing to improve outcomes for bikes and riding and how you can get involved HERE>>



29 July 2016 - The State Government has released its bold vision for transport in Perth as the region grows to 3.5 million people by the year 2050.  Bike riding features as a major part of the Perth Transport Plan with some exciting and aspirational cycling facilities including new river crossings, better cycling in the CBD and ongoing extension of the shared path network. MORE>>



20 August 2012 - We contune to work on developing a Sunday Circuit here in Western Australia.  We have been in discussions with a number of local government authorities and hope to be able to make some announcements soon.

01 June 2012 - The idea of creating ‘Sunday Circuits’ or closed routes for recreational cyclists is not new and very popular in some European cities.

Find out more about the idea of Sunday Circuits here>>