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This page provides some infromation on current works underway in WA on roads, cycle paths or principal shared paths (PSP)s. So please check often for updates.

1. Kwinana - Narrows. Construction due for completion end Aug / early Sept 2014

2. Kwinana - London and Scandrett. Construction due for completion Aug 2014

3. Mitchell - Erindale / Balcatta. Construction due for completion Aug 2014

4. Midland - Bassendean Train Station to Lord. Construction due for completion Aug 2014

East Perth PSP works

26 March 2014 There will be a partial closure of the bike path located outside East Perth train Station on Monday, 14, Friday, 18 and Saturday 19 April. The closures will be minised, and traffic management will be in place. We ask you to exercise tolerance and patience while upgrades to the Perth rail network are performed.

During the 2 weekends in this program, the bike path will be closed after hours, and we will have formal traffic management and safe detours setup.

Kwinana Freeway PSP upgrade

25 February 2014 Main Roads WA is about to undertake a major upgrade of the busy metropolitan Principal Shared Path (PSP) adjacent to the Kwinana Freeway, between the Narrows Bridge and the Thelma Street footbridge.
This section of the PSP is the most heavily trafficked in the metropolitan area, recording more than 3000 daily and 712,000 annual bike movements. Use of this path
is growing at an annual rate of about seven per cent.
To minimise disruption to cyclists and pedestrians, this project will be undertaken between March and June to take advantage of low tides. This will allow the contractor to work around-the-clock and ensure the work can be completed as quickly and safely as possible.
The PSP upgrade is also being combined with associated river foreshore improvement works to ensure the long term viability of the path and reduce the need for future closures.
This $3.1million project is funded by the State Government’s 2013-14 Infrastructure for Community Access Program (Department of Transport) and the Network Safety Improvement Program. MORE>>


Impacts to Roe Street and the PSP (December 2013 / January 2014)

11 December 2013 Work will soon begin to build the new underground bus station (Perth Busport), which will include the latest amenities and an innovative dynamic stand-allocation system. This means we must move passengers out of the existing Wellington Street Bus Station (WSBS).
To accommodate people who currently use WSBS, two temporary stations are being built – one on Roe Street, and the other on Wellington Street. This will allow us to maintain bus operations while we are building the new facility.

The Roe Street temporary facility will be operational from Sunday 12 January 2014 and used until mid-2016.

The temporary Roe Street facility will result in some changes to the PSP on Roe Street, between William and Milligan streets from Monday December 16.

Cyclists will need to be aware that once the station becomes operational buses will cross the PSP in two locations, opposite Lake Street, where buses will enter and exit the temporary facility (see map). Slow zones will be installed at these locations for the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and buses.
Cyclists will also notice a new merge zone with pedestrians further east on the PSP (opposite Nicks Lane), bus passengers will have access to Roe Street from the station via a gate (see map).

More information on the broader Bus Project is available HERE>>

14 November 2013 To allow work to progress on building the temporary bus station on Roe Street, until late-December 2013, cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists will experience temporary diversions on Roe Street, and the Principal Shared Pathway (PSP) between Lake Street and Nicks Lane.

Works will involve constructing a designated bus lane on Roe Street, and a new intersection so buses can enter and exit the temporary station. Some works will occur at night to minimise the impact to roads and the PSP.
The next phase of the Perth City Link project is to sink the Wellington Street Bus Station, works are progressing to build a temporary bus station on the existing Perth City Link site, alongside Roe Street.

Traffic management will be in place during the works, and we remind cyclists, pedestrians and drivers to take extra care around the area.

Ramps will be in place at PSP and road intersections to ease the transition over curbs, from the pathway onto the road.

Update of Storm Water Pipe Upgrades on St Georges Terrace

28 August 2013 The upgrading of storm water pipes on St Georges Terrace is progressing well and as a result will change location this weekend, 31 August (weather permitting). The work area will shift further west towards Barrack Street and be repositioned between Pier Street and Irwin Street.

Both Pier Street and Irwin Street will be closed this weekend (Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September), however local access (from Hay Street) will be provided where possible. Also during this weekend, and next (Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September), works will be undertaken at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and St Georges Terrace.

The current weekday lane modifications along St Georges Terrace will remain the same for the new section of work with two lanes eastbound and one lane westbound. There will be no access to St Georges Terrace from Pier Street (ie closed) with Irwin Street being reopened during this next phase of works, with a left hand turn only into St Georges Terrace.

The City of Perth Council House car park will remain accessible however entry will only be available for traffic travelling west and exiting vehicles will only be able to turn left on to St Georges Terrace.

Wellington Street upgrade works

27 August 2013 Commencing this Saturday 31 August, significant service infrastructure upgrades - including power, water, sewer, stormwater, gas and telecommunications - will be undertaken in Wellington Street between Milligan Street and William Street.

These works will provide essential services to the thousands of new residents and workers within the Perth City Link development, while also building the capacity for the wider Perth CBD to cater for its growing residential and working population. In addition, the City of Perth will be transforming Wellington Street into a tree lined boulevard providing an inviting pedestrian friendly environment.

The works will be undertaken in five stages over approximately 18 months and will see different areas of Wellington Street subject to traffic management. The first stage of work involves the median removal from Milligan Street to King Street. This work will be undertaken over the next two weekends. MORE>>

West Perth works

27 August 2013 Havelock Street in West Perth, between Hay Street and Murray Street is currently undergoing road works. From Saturday, 24 August till Saturday, 31 August the Southbound lane will be closed for concrete works between the hours of 7.00am to 5.00pm (weather permitting). For a full run down of metro works click HERE>> 

Milligan Street footbridge diversion

From Wednesday, 24 July, part of the Milligan Street footbridge will be removed, and access between Wellington and Roe Streets will be via a new route. Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to access the Roe Street entry/exit point opposite Lake Street. This route change allows the Perth City Link Rail Alliance to build a new cover over a section of the Joondalup Line tunnel. 

For more information:, call 13 62 13, or email [email protected]