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28 September 2014 – The Office of Road Safety and Department of Transport have today launched the first stage of a road safety initiative entitled “Share Our Roads”.  The $300,000 campaign will focus on reminding all road users that our roads are shared spaces and it is the responsibility of all road users to contribute to making our roads safer for everyone.

The first stage of the campaign will start today and will include radio ads, outdoors ads on bus backs and shelters as well as online advertising.

Bicycling Western Australia has been calling for a campaign since the release of the Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan in early 2012.  We put the topic of road safety back on the agenda in late 2013 when we announced it as a focus area of our campaigning work for 2014.  Since that time we have continued to pressure the government to make a commitment to cycling safety.

We will continue to ensure that cycling safety remains on the agenda for the government and will seek ongoing campaign funding into the future.

The campaign was developed in consultation with Bicycling Western Australia and other stakeholders.  You can download copies of the campaign graphics and radio adverts from

Let’s address inattention

4 June 2014 – Bicycling Western Australia is proud to support the WA Government’s Road User Inattention Campaign this month. The campaign actively seeks contributions from organisations representing road users, with the month-long focus during June to address inattention on our roads.

“Driver inattention is one of the major causes of accidents between drivers and bike riders. Anecdotal feedback from our members and the bike riding community indicates a common response from drivers when involved in an incident with a bike is ‘I simply didn’t see you’ ”. Bicycling Western Australia CEO Jeremey Murray says.

Bicycling Western Australia encourages all road users to switch on and follow the Road Safety Council’s lead and address road user inattention this month.

Read our media release on the Inattention Campaign HERE>>

Road Safety ‘clerical error’

17 May 2014 – A member of Bicycling Western Australia recently received a letter from a senior staff member from the Office of the Minister for Road Safety.  In what can only be described as a remarkable statement, the letter stated that “Cycling does not currently fulfil an important transport role in our community”.

Naturally, we were very alarmed that the Minister and her Office were unaware of the level of cycling particiption in Western Australia and immediately contacted the Minister’s Office asking for an explanation.  We were later advised that a ‘clerical error’ was to blame and the statement did not reflect the view of the Minister and her staff.

While we can only take the Minister’s explanation on face-value, we remain concerned that Minister and her Office lack of understanding of the issues facing bike riders especially given that little or no attention is paid to road safety for cyclists by the Office of Road Safety, the Road Safety Council and the Minister’s Office.  Despite six cyclist deaths in 2013 and four for 2014 (year-to-date), hundreds of hospitalisations, and potentially many more accidents going unreported, not one cent has been spent in the last five years on road safety initiaives or interventions to improve safety for people riding on our roads.

We welcome the Minister’s comments that the Office of Road Safety and the Department of Transport will be working together to launch a campaign in September 2014.  We have not received any formal advice of this proposed campaign, what it will look like, who will be engaged in its development and how it will be funded.

The last thing we want to see is a ‘tick the box’ promotional advertising blitz.  We need an integrated program that will work towards changing the behaviour and attitudes of both drivers AND riders so that our roads are safer for everyone.

You can read our response to the Minister’s letter HERE>>

Media coverage can be accessed HERE>>

A united front on the review of the Road Safety Council

8 November 2013 – Bicycling Western Australia, WestCycle and Bicycle Transport Alliance met with Cr Peter Browne and a representative of the Department of Premier and Cabinet to discuss the current review of the Road Safety Council and the Office of Road Safety.

Our united front helped to highlight to Cr Browne the vital importance of ensuring that cyclists, just like other road users, are given adequate representation in the development of road safety strategy and that resources are available to improve safety outcomes for bike riders.

Under the current arrangements, cyclists are included in a category known as ‘vulnerable road users’. This group includes pedestrians, motorcyclists and disabled people. The challenge of placing all these different road users into one group is that our needs, concerns and risk profiles are quite distinct from one another.

The VRUAG group is represented on the Road Safety Council by the RAC and we have long held concerns of their ability to fully represent our interests, given the RAC must also represent the interest of its members – ie. car drivers.

Our meeting with Cr Browne was both constructive and informative and we will continue to liaise with him while the review is underway. We aim to ensure that riders are given direct representation to the Road Safety Council and that consideration be given to releasing funds for cycling specific road safety interventions.

A win for all riders

6 November 2013 – In September it was announced that the Minister for Road Safety had cut funding to the RAC for the coordination of the Vulnerable Road Users Advisory Group (VRUAG), meaning the loss of our voice on the Road Safety Council.  The RAC has shown leadership and indicated that it will continue to support and coordinate the VRUAG through its own resources.  We look forward to working with the RAC in making our roads safer for cyclists.

Taking our view to the Office of Road Safety

24 October 2013 – Following our recent approach to the Road Safety Minister,  the CEO meet with representatives of the Minister’s office and the Office of Road Safety to express our concerns about the lack of support being shown for cyclists in the road safety space.

Cyclists are proportionately over represented in road trauma and deaths in Western Australia and yet there are no campaigns or interventions that specifically target cyclists, rider behaviour or driver/cyclist interaction.

We presented our five priorities document to them which highlights the need for creating safer roads for all road users.

As part of the State Goverment election commitments a review of the Road Safety Council and Office of Road Safety will be commencing shortly and we will be providing our thoughts and recommendations to them.

Road safety voice lost

27 September 2013 – A decision by the Minister for Road Safety to cut funding for the Vulnerable Road Users Advisory Group means we have lost our ability to highlight issues of importance to us to the Road Safety Council. We have written to the Minister to express our concerns and to request a meeting. Our letter to the Minister is available HERE>>

100% of speed camera revenue for road safety

Bicycling Western Australia sits on the Vulnerable Road Users Advisory Group (VRUAG).

The purpose of the group is to:

  • Provide a formal process that enables the vulnerable road user groups to discuss road safety issues, in a workshop format, with other road users and the Road User Coordinator.
  • Provide both proactive and reactive advice on road safety issues to the Road Safety Council via the Road User Coordinator and the Road User Representative on the RSC.
  • Reflect, comment and feedback on the RSC Communiqué document.

Bicycling Western Australia is extremely happy with the State Government announcement which states that by July 2012, 100% of speed camera revenue will be provided to the Road Trauma Trust Account (RTTA).

Media Statement – 19 April 2011

Funding for road safety in Western Australia is set to reach record levels, with the State Government increasing the amount of speed camera revenue provided to the Road Trauma Trust Account (RTTA) to two-thirds this year and to 100 per cent by July 2012.

Currently, the RTTA receives one-third of revenue from speed and red light camera infringements.

Premier Colin Barnett said the significant funding boost would help the State Government deliver its 12-year road safety strategy Towards Zero and reduce road trauma in WA.

The share of revenue directed to reducing serious road crashes on the State’s roads will triple in the next two years, representing a boost of tens of millions of dollars each year to fighting road trauma.

“The significant amount of money thrown away by speeding drivers gives us an excellent opportunity to make a serious effort into reducing the numbers of deaths and serious injuries on WA roads,” Mr Barnett said.

“This Government is serious about targeted spending to deliver quality services for all West Australians to keep them safe on our roads.”

“We currently invest approximately $280million annually towards road safety across various agencies, including police traffic enforcement, road building and maintenance, community education campaigns issues and school-based programs.

“Now with this extra injection into the RTTF, we will have the capacity to do so much more in both metropolitan and regional WA.”

The Premier said while this decision showed the Government was serious about improving road safety, funding was only one aspect, the public needed to show its support and drive in a responsible and safe manner.

Road Safety Minister Rob Johnson said the decision was a huge win for road safety in WA.

“I am immensely proud that we could achieve this outcome for road safety in WA and look forward to the challenge of ensuring this funding is invested for the benefit of all West Australians,” Mr Johnson said.

“Each year, approximately 200 people are killed and a further 2,800 are seriously injured on WA roads.

“Apart from the emotional impacts on the families and friends of those involved, this road trauma results in a significant financial cost to our State.

“No death or injury on our roads is acceptable. The road toll is often just seen as a number, but it’s important to remember that it represents mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends and co-workers who have all had their lives tragically cut short.”

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