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The City of Stirling has decided to take a strong stance on Caltrop and to invest significant resources into its eradication within our boundaries.

Caltrop – what is it?

Caltrop is a menace to bicycle tyres and doggy-feet alike, and the cause of much frustration and many punctures.

It is an invasive and damaging weed found in unkempt sandy verges and beside footpaths. When its seeds dry out, it becomes a menace to feet and bicycle tyres.

Caltrop (Tribulus terrestris) is a summer growing weed found widely throughout Western Australia. It is most common in areas of frequent spring and summer rain. Caltrop has seeds that remain dormant in the soil for probably four to five years.

City of Stirling trialling new approach

The City of Stirling are currently trialling a new approach to the identification, removal, monitoring, and ‘discouragement’ of Caltrop, and information about this new project has been attached for your information. Please circulate this information to your members, fellow cyclists and other interested parties if possible.

In short, the City’s new approach is to

  • Encourage caltrop infestations to be reported to the City
  • Remove the caltrop and the bulk of seed-containing soil
  • Plant perennial ground cover plants to out-compete the Caltrop and discourage future growth of the weed
  • Map the caltrop infestation in our database and regularly inspect the site for future outbreaks
  • Install signage advising the public of the presence of Caltrop at that site
  • Continue to research additional new approaches and techniques including methods to force-germinate all dormant seed remaining within infested soil, so that mass-removal can be conducted.
  • Work with private land owners to encourage effective caltrop control on land which is outside of our direct control.

The attached presentation shows the areas in which our new approach is being trialled and where you will be able to see signage and the ground cover plants after caltrop removal.

Report Caltrop

As well as telling you about this exciting new project, we would also like to ask for your help.

We would like to encourage cyclists (and anyone else) who spot Caltrop infestations to report them to us so that we can take action at that site and include it in our new management plan.

Free Caltrop removal kits from City of Stirling

We also have free Caltrop removal kits available at our Depot for members of the public who would like to remove the plants themselves.

These can be collected during normal business hours, and instructions on how to remove caltrop effectively are also available. Members of the public who remove plants should still report the site to us so that we can map it, monitor it, and remove future infestations.

Finally, any other assistance that you can provide in helping us to tackle this problem would be very welcome. We are hoping to gain strong community support and involvement on this project, and so physical assistance in caltrop removal, or ideas suggestions and feedback would be welcomed.

Contact[email protected] or

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