About this page

People naturally have quite a few questions before they start cycling. Hopefully we can try to answer some of the more popular ones for you in this section.


Cycling is many things to many people, but to all of us, it's fun. It is also a tremendously efficient mode of transport and, for some hardy individuals, a platform for adventure holidays. Cycling requires no special facilities, and almost no cash outlays once you have your bike!


Cycling is the most energy efficient form of muscle powered locomotion on the planet - as long as you do it right. For one thing, the bike must be properly maintained. A rusted chain or soft tyres make cycling hard work.

The bike must also be the correct size for you. Riding a bike that's too small, for instance, is like walking in a half-squat; very fatiguing. Bikes aren't like cars, 'one size and type fits all', they're like shoes. And like shoes, you need different bikes for different activities. You don't go mountaineering in a pair of thongs, or running in a pair of cowboy boots.

Cycling is fun, but to enjoy it fully you need the right bike.

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