TransPerth Bike Shelters

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Cycling with Transperth is easy, and now with more bike shelters at more stations, it’s never been easier to park your wheels. It’s not only a cheap and convenient way to travel, it keeps you fit too.

Passengers who cycle to a station on a regular basis are encouraged to register their SmartRider for access a bike shelter.


Register to use the system HERE

Users can only access a shelter by registering their SmartRider.  Other bicycle parking areas will still be available at stations such as u-rails.

Once you have registered and nominated your train stations, you can access the shelter by following this simple steps:

  1. Locate the Bike Vending Machine near the Bike Shelter entrance
  2. Press the yellow button
  3. Present your SmartRider card to the target shown on the machine
  4. The shelter door will unlock automatically

To exit the shelter, you simply need to release the lock on the inside of the shelter and the door will unlock automatically. Please ensure the door is properly locked behind you upon exiting.


All bike shelters are fitted with CCTV security however you must still ensure your bike secure with a bike lock.  We recommended using a high quality D-lock.  It is suggested that you do not park expensive bikes in the shelters as these are particularly attractive to would-be theives.


Users remain responsible for locking their bicycles inside the shelter as Transperth accepts no liability for theft or damage to property while in the facility.

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