Bike Maintanence

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Make sure your bike is ready to go this season with these handy tips.

Bike maintenance tips to help you get your bike feeling like new again:


Worn Tires – Tyres wear out in a number of fashions. Natural loss of rubber causing a flat top surface of the tyre. Another might be that you haven’t ridden in quite a while and the rubber has hardened causing the tyre to feel dead.

  • Cable Corrosion – Wear and Clogging : Cables although made of steel will deteriorate over time. This will cause poor shifting performance.
  • Drive-Chain Wear – Wear on the Chain, Front Chain rings, Rear Cassette and Rear Derailleur can be caused by a couple of things. Poor lubrication, lack of cleaning or purely all the training you’re doing! A worn drive chain will also cause poor shifting performance.
  • Handlebar Tape – This is by far the cheapest cosmetic and comfort upgrade you can do to your bike.
  • Cleat and Pedals – Cleats wear very easily. Mainly due to walking around in your cycling shoes. Worn cleats can be dangerous as they do not engage with the pedal the way they should.

We recommend you take your bike to your local bike shop for a service before the ride.

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