The Western Australia State election will be held on Saturday, 9 March 2013.

Bicycling Western Australia has provided the various political parties with a range of issues and concerns for them to consider as part of their 2013 election commitments.

Bicycling Western Australia has a plan to get a million more people cycling to work, education and other activities every day in the medium to long term. This will make a major contribution to reducing congestion and improving the health and fitness of a significant proportion of our population. The cost to provide the necessary bicycle facilities will be small compared to the cost to increase capacity of the road system and increasing health costs resulting from a low level of fitness and inactivity.

We want to see a doubling in the number of people cycling by the year 2020 (from 2 per cent mode share to 4 per cent) rising to 10 per cent by 2050. This can only be achieved through the development of a safe and connected cycling and transport system.  This will will require adequate funding, education and promotion.

An investment of $500 million over the next 10 years (that’s less than 3% of the total transport budget).
Adequately fund the ongoing development of connected and safe cycling infrastructure and the extension of the Perth Bicycle Network as outlined in the draft Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan 2012-2021. Current funding commitment of $25 million over two years in totally inadequate and does not extend beyond 2013/2014 financial year.

An essential first stage is to complete the existing Perth Bicycle Network as outlined in the draft Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan 2012-2021 and to build on this framework by providing safe, connected access to centres.  A safe, connected network for bicycles is necessary to get more people cycling for everyday activities such as local shopping trips and destinations such as workplaces, universities and educational facilities and other major trip attractors.

Amendments to the make-up of the Road Safety Council to include a dedicated representative for cyclists. (This role is currently filled by the RAC representing all road users).

Promote the benefits of cycling to all Western Australians through evidence based behaviour change programs including in-school bike education programs; ride to school and work campaigns; and large scale participation events. Provide education to both cyclists and motorists on sharing the roads and safe practice.

Enable regional councils and shires to access Royalty for Regions funding to improve cycling infrastructure and improve cyclist safety.


Bicycling Western Australia, Heart Foundation and Cancer Council WA

26 February 2013 – The “Transport Election” – where’s the commitment to cycling?


The following policies and statements regarding cycling have been issued by various parties

WA Greens

26 February 2013  – Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC Member for South Metropolitan Region

16 November 2012 – BIKE VISION – The Greens 2029 Perth Bike Plan

WA Labor

11 February 2013 – Ken Travers, Shadow Minister for Transport

19 January 2013 – Cycling and METRONET

WA Liberal

6 March 2013 – Troy Buswell, Minister for Transport

2 March 2013 – Additional $30m for city bicycle paths

27 January 2013 – Leighton and Port beaches to be revitalised by Curtin Ave realignment

WA Nationals

25 February 2013 – Hon Colin Holt MLC, State President, the Nationals WA