Bicycle riding offers the Government of Western Australia the opportunity to create a healthier, affordable and less congested future for all Western Australians.

Bicycling Western Australia is calling on all political parties to commit to #doublebikefunding at the State election in 2017.


WA Labor was successful at the 2017 State Election with Mark McGowan becoming the 30th Premier of the State of Western Australia.

We look forward to working with the Premier and his team and forging strong relationships across the whole of government to ensure bike riding remains on the political agenda over the next fours years.

The WA Labor policy on cycling can be downloaded HERE


WestCycle has produced a summay of the various commitments from the major political parties.  You can download a PDF version by clicking on the image below.


We have been in communication with all major parties asking them to make a committment at the 2017 State election to #doublebikefunding.  Following are the current status of commitments

Liberals WA – 17 February 2017 – Liberals WA annouced their commitment to cycling, read their media statement HERE.  View their proposed scenic cycle routes HERE.

WA Labor –  10 February 2017 – WA Labor outlined their commitment to cycling and you can read their full policy position HERE.  Read their media statement HERE.  Read BWA’s media statement HERE.

The Nationals WA – no specific reponse to infrastructure spending.

WA Greens – full support.  The WA Greens had a long standing policy and bike plan for Western Australia.  The WA leader of the WA Greens, Hon Robin Chapple MLC, has responded to us HERE.

Australian Cyclist Party – full support.  The ACP have indicated they will be standing several candiates in the Legislative Council .  A letter of support for #doublebike funding is HERE.


FACT: We all need to be more active!

  • 70 per cent of adults are inactive or have low levels of physical activity.
  • 65 per cent of children are not getting the recommended levels of daily physical activity.
  • 90 per cent of young people are not getting the recommended levels of daily physical activity.
  • 63 per cent of adults are overweight or obese.
  • 25 per cent of children are overweight or obese.

FACT: We all need to get around!

  • Over half a million people ride a bike at least once a week in Western Australia.
  • The cost of congestion in 2013 was estimated at $13.7 billion and projected to reach $53.3 billion by 2031.
  • 25 per cent of people in WA are unable to drive a car.
  • Owning and using a car is a considerable expense ($10,000 per car/annum).

FACT: Governments need real return on investment!

Tough economic times means the Government needs to invest in projects that will provide a positive return to the State and the community.


#doublebikefunding for cycling infrastructure from $20 million per year to $40 million by 2021.

#doublebikefunding to bring WA’s cycling investment to $15 per person, approaching international benchmarks.

#doublebikefunding for a direct and positive impact to the State budget, the State economy and the health and welfare of all Western Australians.

#doublebikefunding and invest in the future for all Western Australians.


#doublebikefunding will enable the Government to complete the high priority projects as outlined in the Western Australian Bicycle Network (WABN) Plan 2012 – 2031 and work toward the goals of the Transport @ 3.5 Million Plan.


Increased cycling participation will dramatically improve health outcomes for all Western Australians through increased physical activity.  Reduced reliance on motorised transport reduces CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases.


Increased investment in cycling infrastructure will enable more people to make the choice of active transport and reduce the number of vehicles on our roads.


Investment in cycling provides a positive benefit with a $3.40 to $5.40 environmental, social, and economic return for every $1.00 invested in bicycle infrastructure.

You can download a full version of our Solutions from Cycling policy document HERE


There are a number of ways you can help us get the support and commitment to #doublebikefunding


Help us spread the word about #doublebikefunding by sharing your pictures (good and bad) and thoughts of what cycling infrastructure needs improving on social media using the hashtag #doublebikefunding.  Follow and like us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


Join our campaign and keep up-to-date on our progress to #doublebikefunding HERE


Get in touch with your sitting member and ask them to commit to #doublebikefunding.  You can find your local sitting member HERE.  We will be updating the list of candidates as they come to hand.


We can achieve so much more together as a united voice.  Become a member and help us to represent you and all bike riders.  Become a member HERE.