Bicycling Western Australia has long been advocating to the relevant authorities for the completion of the Shenton Park to Loch Street Station section of the principle shared path (PSP).

February 2015 Works in progress for the 1.5km of new Principal Shared Path (PSP) along the Perth-Fremantle train line to link Shenton Park Train Station with Karrakatta and Loch Street stations. The works include full path lighting. Constructed in two stages, this project is expected to be finished in late 2015.

Stage 1 will link Shenton Park Station with the Karrakatta underpass and includes construction of an additional 120m to link up with the bus bridge. It will also include upgrading of a bus bay and a new bus shelter at the Shenton Park Station. Stage 2 will complete the project from the Karrakatta Station to Loch Street Station. More information HERE>>

December 2014 The project started early this month with the aim to complete the remaining PSP sections along the Perth Fremantle Line between Perth and the Grant Street Station in Cottesloe and provide a safer alternative for pedestrians and cyclists along this route. The new path will go under the bus bridge through the separate bridge span to allow for a future path.

August 2013  There has been litle progess on the designs and timelines for this project.  Our submission to the Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan suggested this project been given priority.

Recent discussions with the Department of Transport on this project revealed that designs have been presented to the council at the City of Nedlands.  Design work on the project is continuing.

We have expressed our concerns about the length of time its is taking for work to commence.  There was money in the 2012/2013 budget but little has happened.

We will continue to put pressure of the Department of Transport to deliver this important peice of infrastructure.

September 2012 Main Roads are preparing to present the preferred alignment to Council executive staff and elected members on Tuesday, 2 October 2012.

Surface location of the services has been completed and a request for a quote has been sent to underground service locating companies to locate and determine the depth of underground services by potholing.

A final completion date has yet to be set.

October 2010 Main Roads carried out a survey of the area to assist in the design of the missing link.

The City of Nedlands, Public Transport Authority, Bikewest and Main Roads have all agreed to contribute funding towards the project and are now looking at the most cost effective way to build the path.

August 2010 Bicycling Western Australia meet with Department of Transport’s Bikewest to discuss options to complete the missing link in the PSP and identifies it as a target for the next 12 months.