Around the world cities are creating a new type of bike riding environment. Sunday circuits are part of this worldwide movement.


Parisians have access to car-free riding on roads on Sundays and public holidays when temporary traffic closures operate on streets around the city. The streets are then opened to pedestrians, bike riders and rollerbladers. The project is called Paris Respire or ‘Paris Breathes’ and is described as a ‘calmer, more convivial and pleasant way to rediscover the city’.

Columbia hosts a number of Ciclovia events. In cities such as Bogota, Cali and Medellin, 120km of roads are closed every Sunday and on public holidays from 7 am to 1 pm. It is claimed that one third of the population, around 2.2 million people ride and walk on the ‘open’ streets.

Each year four Car Free Days have been held in Centennial Park, Sydney. The park gates were closed to vehicles from 9am to 5pm and given over to cyclists and pedestrians.

Bicycling Western Australia is working to establish similar opportunities here in Western Australia.  Imagine car free riding up and down the Zig Zag in Kalamunda or throughout Fremantle. These are places that people are already riding on today but they would become even more popular if they were car free on, for example, the first Sunday of the month.

We also believe Sunday circuits would encourage many new riders.

If you think you can help us get a Sunday circuit going in your area, please contact us.