Cycling clubs and Bicycle User Groups (BUGS) are a great way to get you out riding with others.


A Bicycle User Group (BUG) is a group of people with shared interests in relation to cycling, whose goal is to improve cycling infrastructure and opportunities in their local area.

Some BUGs are purely social, others are a way for cyclists to promote the benefits of riding, and more often, BUGs are created at a workplace to get more colleagues commuting by bike and to improve the end of trip facilities for those workers who ride.

Your BUG can be whatever you and your fellow riders want or need it to be. BUGs usually take one of three forms; Community BUGs, Workplace BUGs and Campus BUGs. Download the BUG manual which has everything you need to know HERE>>


Where BUGs tend to be municipal focused, cycling clubs are often defined by either a cycling mode or demographic – covering everything from track racing to mountain bike riding. They cater for everyone from veteran riders to recreation-seeking families.