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The Cyclo Sportif series of events is Perth’s premier and most trusted road cycling series especially designed for recreational cyclists.  Each year thousands of people enjoy these fun, timed team participation events that have been developed to cater for beginner riders right through to the more serious ‘road warrior’.

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Thanks for the amazing support of all the riders who joined us at the Cyclo Sportif York on Sunday, 25 June 2016.  Photographs from the day will be upload soon to our Facebook page


The Cyclo Sportif SWAN VALLEY has been moved to YORK

York is always a popular ride offering one of the most scenic route of all our events.  A great opportunity to take the family away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a weekend in the historic town of York.

Cyclo Sportif York offers a scenic ride that combines the best of flat open country roads and undulating hills.  This year we are offering a choice of four distances: A – 108km, B – 79km, C – 54km and a family friendly (and reasonably flat) 25km.

There are plenty of accommodation options in and around York and there is plenty to see and do to make a family or team weekend away.

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Date:  Sunday, 25 June 2017

Time:  First riders away from 8:30am (A distance), 9:15am (B distance), 9:45am (C distance) and 10:10am (D distance).

Venue:  Avon Pioneer Park, Lowe Street.  York is approximately 100km from Perth – please allow at least 1 1/4 hours travel time.

Parking:  Ample parking is available opposite Avon Pioneer Park and in the surrounding streets.

Registrations:  Team registration commences at 7:30am from the rider assembly area at Avon Pioneer Park on Lowe Street.

Start area: Avon Pioneer Park on Lowe Street.  First riders away at 8.30am



The historic district of York offers great riding and an even better course which is bound to provide a little bit of a surprise.  It starts out quite flat for the first 20kms as you head east out of town on the Great Southern Highway.  Just before reaching the town of Beverley you turn left onto the old York/Beverly Road back towards York.  There are fantastic undulations on the back route with majestic views across the Avon Valley and entire district.

A distance (108km) – two full laps of the course.

B distance (79km) – follows the same route as the A distance riders and a shorter second lap.

C distance (54km) – one lap of the coourse.

D distance (25km) is a family friendly 25km.  Get the whole family involved on this shortened course.  You head east with the other riders towards Beverly but take a left turn into Gwambygine Road that extends across to the return road to York.  A fantastic opportunity for junior and less experience riders.



Send the map to your smartphone, experience the course with a 3D flyover and more.

A distance – 108km

B distance – 79km

C distance – 54km

D distance – 25km

Please note that all routes and distances are subject to change.



Bicycling Western Australia has developed a reputation of presenting fun and exciting events in a safe environment. This event is fully supported with approved traffic management, corner marshals, on-road support and water stations.



If you’re not riding in Cyclo Sportif Swan Valley you can still get close to the action by volunteering for the day. Positions include; checkpoint crew, route marking, broom wagon and general event operations. So if you have a passion for cycling and want to make a difference then express your interest today.

Please Note: Entries generally close on Tuesday Midnight prior to the event.


The Cyclo Sportif series of events are fun and great value.  All courses are marshalled, with rider support and approved traffic management plans to make for enjoyable and safe riding conditions.

 Member  Non-Member
 Adults  $46  $66
 Juniors (u/16)  $26  $46


Our rides are based on the European style team events.  Riders organise themselves into teams of four to nine riders.

A team can be made up of any ‘like’ group such as your friends, regular riding group or work colleagues.  You can ride any type of bike provided they are consistent across your team (ie, all road bikes, hand bicycles or mountain bikes).

A Cyclo Sportif is conducted in race-like conditions with each team receiving a time however it is NOT race – it is about enjoying a challenge with your friends and participating as a team – not ‘winning’.  Your team must work and remain together throughout the event.  There are no place-getter prizes awarded.


The team leader plays a pivotal role in the success of a Cyclo Sportif team.

The leader is responsible for getting the team organised and ensuring all team members have registered before the cut-off date.  They do not have to register each member as members can add themselves to their chosen team directly from our registration site at any time.


1. Get the team together and ensure your riding partners are committed. You can register your team and either get your team members to individually register with your team  or you can collect your team members’ details and register your whole team at the same time. Find more details on how to register and forms and spreadsheets to help manage your team registration on our Pricing and Registration page.

2. Ensure all team members have registered before the close-off date

3. Organise your team on the day and arrange a suitable meeting point

4. Collect and distribute the timing band and team numbers  One timing band per team will be issued and it is suggested the Team Manager wears this.

5. Team Managers should attend the pre-ride briefing and relay this information to all team members.  The pre-ride briefing covers the course route, any specific hazards on the course and things to watch out for.

6. Get your team to the start line on-time – you will be given a specific start time before the event.

7. Managers assume responsibility, manage the team out on the road and reinforce ride protocols.

6. ENJOY the ride!

7. After the ride, return the timing band and team numbers (replacement bands cost $130 and will be charged if lost).

8. Pick up and distribute lunch vouchers and fill out nominations for awards.

Thank you to all the Team Managers. Without your great work and support our events wouldn’t be as successful!

Bicycling Western Australia prides itself on presenting fun, timed participation events – NOT RACES.  We cater for many levels of bike riders, so please follow the protocols below to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride.

Click HERE to watch a video explaining Cyclo Sportif protocols.


  • Safety is paramount. While we make our best endeavours to improve rider and course safety, it is each rider’s own responsibility to adhere to the protocols listed below and to take responsibility for their own safety
  •  There are no ‘referees’ or ‘commissaires’ as these events are NOT races
  • It is every participant’s responsibility to adhere to good cycling etiquette and RESPECT other bike riders and road users
  • All riders should carry a mobile phone in the event of an emergency or to enable Event Control to contact them if required


  • Ride according to the road rules.  All standard road rules apply throughout the event.
  • You MAY be given priority by traffic controllers at some intersections.  Follow all the instructions given by licensed traffic controllers


  • The wearing of an Australian Standards approved cycling helmet is mandatory


  • The use of personal music devices such as iPods by riders during an event is not permitted


  • Marshals are provided for your safety and the safety of others
  • Please obey any instruction or direction by any event offical
  • This may include direction to stop


  • Do not interfere with other participant teams or riders
  • If another team catches your team you must allow them to pass before regrouping
  • No drafting – teams must not draft off the team in front, if you catch up to another team either overtake or drop back
  • If you are overtaking a team, you MUST overtake by riding in single file and do not interfere with the other team.  Give multiple advance warnings as you come up behind them.  Remember, some of the teams may not be as experienced as you.
  • Riders must ride no more than two abreast
  • Riders must keep left at all times


  • The principle of Cyclo Sportif and all BWA events is to participate and to complete a set challenge.  A team should not ‘abandon’ a rider.  The team should stay together even if one rider punctures.  The only exception is unresolvable mechanical failure.  On this occassion participants can make their way back to the start/ finish area on their own.
  • Contact Event Control and advise location of the abandoned rider.


  • Time trial bikes are not permitted for use in events unless the time trial bars are removed.


  • Disc wheels are discouraged


  • Most bikes are suitable for entry into events such as hybrid bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes. Team bikes should be consistent in type, that is, all road or all MTB. Tandems are accepted in either format.


  • Team Briefing occurs 30 minutes before the first team starts. These briefings highlight course safety concerns. Attendance by the Team Leader or a single representative as a minimum is compulsory.


  • Most BWA events are timed.
  • Generally, one team member on each team will wear a timing band.  The timing band should be worn on the ankle to ensure accuracy.
  • The timing band must be returned to the registration desk at the conclusion of the event, before teams will get their lunch tickets.

Please be courteous to other riders and make everyone’s day enjoyable.

So you have heard about the Cyclo Sportif series and want to give it a go.  People naturally have many questions before they start.  We have listed some of the more frequently asked questions.  If you want to know more please contact us or visit the event policy.


No, you do not have to be a member of Bicycling Western Australia to ride in our events.  However, members receive a number of great benefits including discounted and early-bird entry to events as well as being covered by Australia’s premium bike accident insurance.  All the membership benefits are listed on our website.  We are delighted to welcome new faces to all of our events, so please feel free to come and try.


Absolutely!  You can enter as an individual and we’ll place you in a composite team with riders of a similar ability.  Before you know it, you’ll all be great mates!


No, following feedback from participants we no longer include a meal as part of the entry price.  The entry fees were reduced in 2016 to be ‘ride-only’.  You have the option to purchase a meal on the day.


You can make up a team in so many different ways – work colleagues, family, regular riding mates.  Corporate teams are a great way to increase the profile your business, develop leadership and team building skills and encourage a heathy and active workplace.


You can create and register a team through our registration site.  We’ve made it easy for you to collect your team riders’ details.  Email us and we will send you an Team Sign-on spread sheet, which makes it easier to collect all your riders details.


We have two Cyclo Sportif events in 2017. View our calendar of events for more details.


Registrations generally close at midnight on the Tuesday prior to the event (if not sold out prior).  Late entries cannot always be accepted so please ensure you and your team mates register before the close-off date.


We have a distance for everyone, so if you only ride once a week, you may like to do the 30km distance or if you ride more regularly, you could try the 60km and if you are up for a real challenge then the 90km distance is probably more for you.


Cyclo Sportif is all about team work and we have strict team protocols including working and remaining as a team.  So if someone is faster, then they can assist by giving the slower rider a gentle push if needed.  Of course, it’s best to develop a team where you all have about the same ability, so you can truly enjoy the Cyclo Sportif experience.


No, but you will need to start with the basics.  1. A reliable bike. A road bike is preferable, but a mountain bike or hybrid bike is acceptable.  2. Helmets are compulsory.  3. A good pair of cycling shorts is a must for comfort.  3. A reasonable pair of cycling shoes and set of pedals that you “click” in will make the experience more pleasurable.  4. Water bottle.

You can always add to your kit as you go along.

Check out the results, photos and raffle prize winners from each event.



Sunday, 25 June 2017

Distance times

Visit the Facebook page for photos from the day.

Raffle Prize Winners

Quad Lock 
Steady Rack
Winners Bar Packs
Bernard W
Team: Sunday Coffee Club
Daniel M
Team: IndividualJessica G
Team: SPR
Robert W
Team: Individual
Cristian A
Team:IndividualBryony M
Team: Individual
Robert P
Team: Team PerkinsAngie M
Team:Chidlow Cycling ChicksNick F
Team:Cleats n CoffeeMichelle M
Team:RFY 3.55Stephen T
Team: IndividualChad M
Team: Coode Street Crew




Sunday, 31 July 2016

‘A’ distance times

‘B’ distance times

‘C’ distance times

Visit the Facebook page for photos from the day.

SCODY Cyclo Sportif jersey winners

Cé Cavalier Le Révolver
Le Petit General
Team: WGR 2
Awarded for: The only female rider in the group. Rode past the start line by 10km. WGR 2 had to start without her only to find her up the road with a flat.
Greg M
Team: Mercy Ships
Awarded for: Doing the Three Lap course on a fixie.
Daniel CS
Team: The AmigosAwarded for: Organising ‘The Amigos’ for all three Cyclos, keeping the team together always ensuring everyone is looked after for all events. Even managed a promotional video for facebook.



Sunday, 26 June 2016

‘A’ distance times

‘B’ distance times

‘C’ distance times

Visit our Facebook page for photos from the event.

SCODY Cyclo Sportif jersey winners

Cé Cavalier Le Révolver
Le Petit General
Paul D
Team: SPR Threel Seekers
Awarded for: Taking the lead with the occassional surge and being a big body – good wind break skills.
Tim R
Team: CRT Team 1
Awarded for: Pulling the team up the entire length of Campersic Road!
Andrew L
Team: Broad and someAwarded for: Keeping the team together like ‘gel’ and providing encourgament as the General – leading us to victory over the finish line.



Sunday, 29 May 2016

‘A’ distance times

‘B’ distance times

‘C’ distance times

Visit our Facebook page for photos from the event.

SCODY Cyclo Sportif jersey winners

Cé Cavalier Le Révolver
Le Petit General
Steve W
Team: Paolo & Dog
Awarded for: Bay Marie. Bringing his “pot” with him for the ride.
Scott M
Team: The Amigos
Awarded for: Having taken out his front teeth and breaking his wrist only one week before, he still rode strong. Hard as nails.
Luke B
Team: Weekend WarriorsAwarded for: Waiting for his slow and ageing team to cross the finish line together.

Bicycling Western Australia events would not be possible without the generous assistance of our event partners and supporters.


West Cycle

The events team put alot of ‘volunteer’ hours into ensuring the Bicycling Western Australia events are of an exceptionally high standard, so we welcome your feedback!


  • Great day. Food was fantastic!!!!! Thanks for putting on a great event.
  • Thanks for the hill at the end!!!!!
  • Great event, but we almost didn’t do it because we were all tired of hills after training for the 3 Dams! But we couldn’t decide if it was better to have it straight after the Dams or at the end of the series… In the end, the beautiful autumn colours made it all worthwhile. The organization was excellent.
  • Very challenging.
  • Felt a great sense of achievement on my first time in an event.
  • Our thanks & appreciation for an enjoyable well run bike race.
  • Having participated in two Cyclo Sportif events a number of years ago, I mustered 5 of my training partners from the Mullaloo S.L.S.C and we left the idealic coastal suburb to head east while the morning was still under darkness. After what seemed an eternity we arrived at the sleepy little hamlet called Kalamunda where we were greeted by two pleasant, helpful young ladies at the registration desk, I thought this is a good start. But things were about to get ugly once we hit the road on our bikes and started climbing the many monster hills on the course, I could feel the condemnation from my team mates, most never having participated in this form of cycling.
    All jokes aside, we thoroughly enjoyed the event, cycling forms an important part of our training along with swimming, paddling and running, while the course was tough, it was scenic the weather great and the after race lunch was very enjoyable and well organised. We hope to participate in another Cyclo Sporif event in the future.


  • Well organised, great job
  • Keep up the great work. Makes winter more sociable and really drives the team effort making a team stay at an acceptable pace rather than persons taking off. Really creates a team environment. Well done – you have Fat Dads’ support ongoing from here.
  • You did a great job. We thoroughly enjoyed it and it met and exceeded our expectations. We just need to rise to meet the cycle challenge. You give us every op to do that. You got four first timers and as a result we have more who want to get involved with cycling. Thankyou.
  • Terrific atmosphere on the day and the weather planning was brilliant. The course was great with a bit of challenge at the corners and hills. Managing the congestion added a level of concentration and organisation in the team. Love the team concept as we all worked really well together on the day and improved our average speed over a similar course and distance by about 3 km/h. I am sure we will stump up again for Waroona for another crack at the hills. Thanks to BWA for all the organisation and friendly helpers on the day for what was a really enjoyable event.
  • We all enjoyed the experience.The event was well run and we loved the weather you organised.


  • My favourite event!
  • …how much my team (the Fat Bastards Cycling Team) enjoyed the ride yesterday. As always the event was well organised, very well signposted and the food was great. Even the weather held off for most of the ride, and conditions were perfect for the initial ascent into the hills.
  • Immense fun , and when do I sign up for next year’s.
  • Congrats on a well organised and fun event.

YORK 2013

  • Congratulations on another successful cyclo season. Our ride group have enjoyed another year of the Cyclo Sportif events.Thanks also for allowing us to change teams around. It does make it easy for me to get team mates nominated knowing I can adjust to suit if circumstances come up.

The 2017 series features two events held at picturesque locations in Perth metropolitan area and regional locations.  Each of the courses offer their own challenges from the beautiful roads of York to the circuit course of the Swan Valley.  With a mix of fast corners, long straights and undulating terrain, there really is something for every rider.

Watch the video below to get a taste of the Cyclo Sportif experience. The video takes you through the day’s events, rider protocols, hints and tips and will help you get the most out of your ride.

A big thank you to Adam Scott from Digital Outpost for production and Gary Suckling for the voice-over.


“Keep up the great work. Makes winter more sociable and really drives the team effort making a team stay at an acceptable pace rather than persons taking off. Really creates a team environment. Well done!”

Cyclo Sportif is all about serious fun.  Come and make new friends, have fun, get fit and surprise yourself with what you can do.

It’s all about working as a team.  You ride in a team of four to nine riders with the aim of working together to ensure your whole team completes the course.  While the series is conducted in race-like conditions it is NOT a race – there are no place-getter prizes awarded.

We welcome and support all levels of cyclists, particularly junior and novice riders and with a course length to suit your ability (usually 90km, 60km or 30km options)  the Cyclo Sportif series has something for anyone looking for fun participation rides and a healthy lifestylen a safe and fun environment.

Don’t have a team?  Not a worry, simply enter as an individual and we’ll place you in a composite team with riders of a similar ability.  Before you know it, you’ll all be great mates!

Your entry includes a delicious hearty and healthy meal after the ride and there are always lots of laughs shared at the post-ride lunch and some great raffle prizes and giveaways too.


The Cyclo Sportif series was developed in 2004 when a small group of dedicated cyclists were looking for an opportunity to ride in race-like conditions without the competitive/race element of other road cycling events.  They were looking for a chance to get out and ride in a safe and fun environment while building their group / team riding skills and improve their health and fitness.

Since that time, the series has become the trusted and safe option for road cyclists looking to get out on the road and cycle with their buddies, family or work colleagues.

Today, over 5,000 people register for events run by Bicycling Western Australia.  We have developed a reputation for hosting and managing events that are safe, fun, trusted and reliable.

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