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Please Note: Entries generally close on Tuesday Midnight prior to the event. 


The Cyclo Sportif series of events are fun and great value.  All courses are marshalled, with rider support and approved traffic management plans to make for enjoyable and safe riding conditions.

   Member  Non-Member
 Adults  $46  $66
 Juniors (u/16)  $26  $46


Our rides are based on the European style team events.  Riders organise themselves into teams of four to nine riders.

A team can be made up of any ‘like’ group such as your friends, regular riding group or work colleagues.  You can ride any type of bike provided they are consistent across your team (ie, all road bikes, hand bicycles or mountain bikes).

A Cyclo Sportif is conducted in race-like conditions with each team receiving a time however it is NOT race - it is about enjoying a challenge with your friends and participating as a team - not 'winning'.  Your team must work and remain together throughout the event.  There are no place-getter prizes awarded.




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