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The Dams Challenge is recognised as one of the 50 top rides in the world* and is Western Australia's premier on-road cycling challenge.

Choose your challenge with either the 200km 5 Dams, 135km 3 Dams, 107km Duo Dams or 53km 2 Dams Challenge and be one of over 2,000 riders who take on this monumental ride each April. 

Places are strictly limited and demand is always high, so secure a place now in the must-do cycling event of the Western Australian cycling calendar.


The 5 Dams Challenge is a challenging and rewarding event for serious cyclists throughout Australia. Put your legs to the test on this 200km ride featuring over 2,000m of vertical climbing.


The 135km 3 Dams Challenge gives you a major taste of the challenge and vertical climbing. It's perfect for those aspiring to work up to the 5 Dams next year.


*Brand new event category in 2018*

The 107km Duo Dams Challenge is for the triathlete that loves riding. The ride is finished with a 10km run at Champion Lakes.


*Brand new event category in 2018*

The 53km 2 Dams Challenge gives a small taste of the challenge and lets you experience the thrill of the event. Start with the 2 Dams and work up to the 3 Dams and 5 Dams in the future.


You can enter the event as an individual rider for the event.  The 2018 Dams Challenge is fully supported and includes food and water stations along the course, hydration supplies, motorbike marshals, first aid, broom wagon and more.

Riders have 12 hours to complete the challenge (the course closes at 1800 hours).  This means riders will need to travel at an average of at least 20km/h over the course, depending on stoppage time.

The event is a personal challenge and NOT a race - no place-getter prizes are awarded.

Check out all the highlights from the 2017 Dams Challenge below.




The event had its genesis in 1998 and was first offically staged in 2010.  It has quickly grown from little over 350 local riders to more than 2,000 participants from all over Australia and overseas.

The 5 Dams Challenge, that fabled endurance test for ageing cyclists, was conceived in a cafĂ© on the terrace in Fremantle one Saturday morning in 1998.  Was it possible to incorporate the five metropolitan dams into a single day's ride?  Intrepid rider Lindsay O'Brien thought so.

The following Tuesday he set out from Claremont, up the scarp at Lesmurdie and on to Mundaring.  Then proceeding south to Serpentine, past the dam to the South West Highway and back to Claremont - 280km in just under ten hours.

Many different routes have since been used but all using the basic 5 Dams Challenge framework.

Solitude is the devil's playground, so the ride is more enjoyable in a group.  Many teams of riders have completed the ride, mainly motivated by Ian Pauley who initiated the Summer/Winter Solstice rides and has probably completed the ride more times than any other along with Graham Forward, Peter Gunzberg and Brian "Capo" Roberts.

The ride itself produces its own drama.  The fatigue of ill-prepared riders brings out the best and the worst in them. The camaraderie such a ride invokes makes it a memorable experience.

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