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Correct training and preparation is the best way to get the most out of your Dams Challenge experience.  Whether you are an experienced rider coming back to the 2018 Dams Challenge or a first-time entrant, these guides offer some good advice and schedules to enable you to get the most out of the day.

Riding 146kms or 235kms in one day through hilly terrain is a significant challenge.  These programs are designed as a guide to enable riders to complete their chosen challenge event.

It is assumed that you have a reasonable level of fitness and bike skills before commencing the program.  It also assumes most participants will do their longer training sessions on weekends with limited time before/after work for training.  The longer hours of daylight during summer provides an ideal opportunity for 40-50kms ride or interval sessions during the week.


NOVICE - 3 Dams Challenge

EXPERIENCED - 3 Dams Challenge


NOVICE - 5 Dams Challenge

EXPERIENCED - 5 Dams Challenge


A number of our partners offer group and one-on-one coaching and skills courses.  Check out the list of training providers HERE



Cycle specific stretching

Stretching helps to reduce injury after an endurance exercise. Time spent in the aerodynamic position immediately places a huge amount of stress on the lower back, hamstrings and ITBs. A good stretching routine is important to adopt during your training program and will minimise muscle tension.



2015 Ride Ambassador Andrew Patterson shares his tips on conquering the leg busting climbs of the Dams Challenge.

Charlie Gargett his tips on managing the thrilling descents of the Dams Challenge.