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Here is what some of our previous riders had to say about the Dams Challenge

“The 5 Dams Challenge was a personal achievement for myself. I am not a competitive cyclist, and completing the challenge was all I hoped for.”

"Congratulations for a fantastically organised event Sunday, the best ever. Looking forward to seeing the results."

"It was my first 3 Dams and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done to all those involved in making this event happen, great job. See you in 2014."

"I just wanted to send a note of thanks for a brilliant day yesterday. I rode the 5 Dams for the first time - my whole family came to be part of the day (all non-cyclists) and they all spoke of how impressed they were with Bicycling Western Australia and the way the whole day was organised with so many riders to contend with."

"The organisation of the whole event was awesome! They could teach the organisers of the 3Peaks a thing or two."

"Well done on the 3 & 5 Dams Challenges. They were great! Well organised, great volunteers, great food and drinks at the stops. Great effort all round! It made it an awesome day!"

"A well put together event. Well done BWA!"

"Thanks for a well organised event, it was absolutely fantastic!"

"Great work. With a few small tweaks this is one of the premiere bike events in the world! Looking forward to next year. Thanks."

"A well run and very enjoyable event. I'd like to thank the organisers and volunteers who made this event possible."

It was an excellent event - many thanks to all the volunteers!!

Excellent event, my second ride of this scale (first being Freeway Hike 2013). This seemed much better managed, particularly on the actual day.

My first time and I'll likely do it again. It was far better organised and run than any of the larger mainstream charity rides.

Overall it was an excellent ride, well organised and good fun. Definitely worth doing.

"Thank you to the Bicycling Western Australia team for their efforts in making the event a huge success. I know these events don’t happen without a lot of planning and “behind the scenes” work. The friendly and efficient registrations on the day, the signage, the drink stations and the lunch station were all just brilliant. The volunteers were courteous, helpful, efficient and kind. You even made the hills seem easier this year! I look forward to more events with you."