About this page

  1. Members must be a resident of Australia, or residing in Australia on a work/student visa for 12 months or more to be covered by the insurances in the Bicycling Western Australia membership.

  2. The insurances in a family membership only cover people listed in the membership who are living at the same address.

  3. FAMILY 3+ Membership can include a couple with children; or one parent with children under the age of 21 or under the age of 25 if the child is full time student.

  4. FAMILY OF 2 Membership can include a couple; or 1 parent and 1 child under the age of 21 or under the age of 25 if the child is a full time student.

  5. The insurance coverage will only apply to members who meet the above definitions, even if a membership has been purchased for them.

  6. The online member record displays the end of the period of insurance cover and is the only true record of that date.

  7. Concession Memberships will be approved to pensioners, full time students, unwaged people and Seniors Card holders who provide the appropriate identification number. 



Thank you for doing a great job on behalf of WA cyclists!
– Andrew, LATHLAIN