Read some of our members’ inspiring stories of how riding a bike has changed their life.


BWA member since October 2010

“After a one off Ride2Work Day challenge about five years ago, I decided that the 9km journey to the city was quite ‘do-able’ on a regular basis.  After a couple of days I was hooked and I have commuted every day since.

I have improved my fitness, saved money, improved my mental health and get away from electronic gadgets for a precious hour a day.  My newfound love of bikes also led me to look for cycling companions on weekends and the discovery of social rides helped gain new friends.  My bike has taken me on two overseas cycling tours, in Vietnam and most recently Italy and Croatia.

There is so much more to my life with a bike.”


BWA member since June 2015

“Bike riding is life changing.  After suffering a neck injury that left me with phrenic nerve paralysis to my right lung causing loss up to 50 per cent of my lung capacity, riding gave me the ability to exercise at a level I can maintain.  I have been able to get to a fitness level above what I was before my injury.  I even completed the 2017 3 Dams Challenge!”


BWA member since June 2009

“I’m a below knee amputee and have ridden bikes all my life, mainly mountain biking and for commuting.  However, in the early 2000s I started road riding with a group of dads from the local primary school. My cycling interest and fitness grew and soon regular round-the-river loops and Cyclo Sportifs became the norm. In the last few years, things have become even more competitive. I have an official paracycling classification and recently won a silver medal in the 2017 National Paracycling Championships. None of this would have been possible without the encouragement and support of a close group of friends and family who are all committed to having cycling and racing as a large part of their lives.”


BWA member since June 2009

“After 30 years of running, I gave my knees a break and started riding. Cycling is my new passion and keeps me young. I ride regularly around Perth almost always the Swan River as well as trips to the hills to soak up the scenery.  I have also ridden in the Snowy Mountains, across France and the Pyrenees. It has opened a world of new likeminded friends as well as enjoying the camaraderie of river rides joining and leading various pelotons. I thoroughly recommend it and hope I am still able to keep up my regular rides when I am in my 80’s.”


BWA member since December 2012

“Riding is meditation and stress relief rolled up in one. Good for the soul and keeps you fit – a perfect way to start the day.”


BWA member since July 2015

“It was love at first sight when I walked into the bike shop seven years ago. Since that day my beloved bike and I have completed over 40,000 kilometres together. At age 60 I ride to work every day and also get down to my local shops often. I ride to keep physically and mentally fit, save money, help the environment, reduce congestion and for the shear joy of it!”


BWA member since June 2010

“My bike and I go way back to when I was 10, I rode to school always in rain, hail or shine. After a two decade break I jumped back on my bike! Mainly commuting to work with the occasional mountain biking and social rides. I’ve been commuting more than 20 kilometres each way since 1996. This has saved me a bundle of money in travel and health care costs. I am a fit 70 year old with above average aerobic ability!”


BWA member since June 2017

“I started riding my bike about six months ago. I lost my partner to cancer a couple of months earlier, so it helped my mental health and getting out of bed in the morning. My friend always had a passion for cycling and convinced me to start riding. I bought a second hand racing bike and took my first ride on New Years Day.

Since, I ride in a group multiple times a week, clocking up anywhere between 40 and 80 kilometres. I know for certain it has helped me keep at bay the depression that can come with a major loss.  I enjoy the colours of Perth outdoors and the fun of riding along the beach, river and even through the burbs. I’m so glad I got on my bike!”


BWA member since November 2010

“I found the enjoyment of bike riding following retirement. At 71, I cover approximately 150 kilometres a week. My favourite journeys are Lakes Goollelal, Joondalup, Northern Beaches and along the river from Bayswater through to Mount Henry Bridge.  The sheer enjoyment of the freedom is exhilarating.  I love the challenge of distance and endurance. Maintaining my health by riding is very rewarding.”


BWA member since November 2014

“I’ve been a keen cyclist since the age of eight and went on many 100 kilometre rides with my family as a child. I raced for seven years in my 20s before moving to Western Australia. Since moving I have not raced but I love the mountain biking and riding the Munda Biddi Trail.”