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By encouraging your workforce to participate in Ride2Work you are helping to increase the health of your employees, while demonstrating environmental and community awareness.

Live a healthier life

Organisations who encourage, or have, employees who ride to work often experience a decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, a healthier happier workforce, decreased costs and pressure on parking and a reduction in gas emissions.

The 2005 report “The Health of Australia’s workforce” found that healthy workers are almost three times as effective at work than unhealthy workers:

Effective hours worked per month (out of 160)

  • Healthy Workers – 143 hrs
  • Unhealthy Workers – 49 hrs *1

The 2010 WA Wellness Report, produced by HBF revealed the following facts about the Western Australia population:

  • 10% of the State’s population is completely inactive
  • 20% get less than the recommended thirty minutes of exercise per day
  • 55% of the State’s population is overweight or obese
  • 35% said their daily stress levels were quite high or very high

How can riding to work help?

  • Cycling is a low-impact physical activity
  • Riding to work builds exercise into daily behaviours and is a time-efficient way to fit regular exercise into a busy lifestyle. Within 15km of a busy CBD, riding to work is likely to take you less time than other forms of transport
  • Regular physical activity reduces the likelihood of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer *2
  • Cycling also helps control stress, anxiety and depression.*3

What financial benefits can you expect by encouraging employees to ride to work?

  • Healthier and happier staff who are more productive at work and less likely to take sick days
  • Reduced overheads and more economic use of the land (10 bicycles can be parked in one car space!)
  • Reduced car fleet, taxi and petrol card costs
  • Increased teamwork through strong cycle-friendly culture

What about your environmental rating?

Road transport is responsible for nearly 12% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, with cars alone responsible for 8%.*4   According to the Department of Climate Change, cycling just 10km each way to work instead of driving saves 1.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.*5

Reports have stated that air pollution causes more deaths among Australians than road accidents: each year, on average, 2400 deaths are linked to air quality and health issues – compared with 1700 people killed in road accidents.*6

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