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Reasons to encourage your children to ride to school include it's good for their health, good for their education, good for the environment and good for the family budget.

Your Move can help students find healthier and happier ways to get to school. Riding a bike, walking, or catching public transport are great ways for kids to begin healthy habits for life and get more active on the way to school.

Your Move can help schools
• Encourage student leadership by getting them involved in planning active transport activities – both in and out of the classroom
• Discover how their school moves through a convenient Hands Up survey tool
• Choose fun, engaging activities to get your school initiative going
• Celebrate what you've achieved by sharing your story with your online community and earn points for each post.
• Reward and inspire students who make the change by redeeming your points in the online shop. Choose from leadership team t-shirts, bike and scooter racks, bike education sessions and more.



The Ride2School Program is year-round and is designed to make riding, walking, skating and scooting the normal mode of transport for students across Australia. It works with families, communities, policy-makers and partner organisations to encourage students to ride, walk, skate or scoot to school.

Ride to School

National Ride2School Day is Friday, 17 March 2017 and encourages active travel within school communities. The day celebrates those who already actively travel to school and encourages those who don't know how to start.

Teacher resources

There's the Ride2School program, the HandsUp count, bike education courses, and advice on how to improve bike facilities.

School coordinators can contact Bicycle Network for expert assistance.

Parent resources

Active travel behaviour for children starts with you.

Parents are the most influential person in their child's life. Children form their behaviour based on the activities that parents encourage them to participate in, and these behaviours are likely to extend well into their adult years.

Ride2School is a Bicycle Network initiative.




Ride2School is an initiative of

Start promoting Ride2School Day in your local school community now.