Workplace Ambassadors

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Workplace Ambassadors are senior figures who help spread the bike riding buzz.

If you are a Senior Manager or high profile member of the community who endorses the concept of riding to work, sign up as a Workplace Ambassador.

Ambassadors made the commitment to:

Make National Ride2Work Day on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 (or another suitable date on the company calendar) and promote it well in advance through the organisations intranet and staff newsletters.

Organise a celebratory breakfast or encourage attendance at the  Ride2Work Day Breakfast, or one of the community breakfasts to be held around State.

Other initiatives can include:

  • Setting a target for participation at all worksites
  • Participating in a workplace challenge
  • Awarding prizes for the site with the highest percentage of participants
  • Inviting other work contacts and friends to promote the event in their own organisation
  • Promoting the event through professional associations and network

Ambassadors are listed on the Ride2Work webpages and may also receive the opportunity to speak to the local media about what they do to support bike commuting in their workplace.

Please contact us if you wish to be a Workplace Ambassador or nominate somebody in your office.

Workplace Ambassador Profiles

I’m a dead keen (but rather slow cyclist), and I’m passionate about cycling in general both for fitness and to get from A to B.

I cycle most mornings to work (I work from home as I’m helping to look after my grandpa) so this means a trip round the river before I get back to my home. It’s generally a 45-55km trip depending on what I have planned for the day and the conditions (both of my legs and the weather). When I can I try to join a few mates of mine for a ride and a coffee however lately I’ve been needed at home early in the mornings so the pre-5am wake up has become a regular for me. Because I work from home I often find that I need a break between home life and work life otherwise it would all merge into one. That’s why I often get on my treadlie for a short spin after work to get the heart rate up and to finish the day on a high. Perth is a fantastic place to cycle. We are blessed with a flatness rarely seen in other places in the world and the most magnificent scenery around.

Keep up the great work.


My name is Louise. I work in an office in West Perth and love commuting to work every day, about 10km each way.

It’s amazing how the river scenery changes every day, making every ride interesting and inspiring.

I often have to stop and take in the view of the city buildings reflecting beautiful tones of pink, purple, red, orange and blue as the sun goes down. Or sometimes there are dolphins playing and feeding off the rocks right next to the bike path – amazing. I have an album of pictures in my phone where I just couldn’t ride past without stopping to admire the view.

I love riding my bike to work, as it’s good training and keeps me fit for mountain biking on the weekends. When I occasionally have the need to drive to the city, I sit behind the wheel and watch enviously as other cyclists are freely riding by.

Driving always takes longer than riding, you get stuck in traffic and then you have to pay for parking and petrol. Riding is definitely the easiest, healthiest option

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